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Update on FF/TB

Tim Riley-3
Here is a quick update on Firefox/Thunderbird

     * Build and testing
           o All testing is done on FFx.  The last required testing was

             the software update testing of the P1 locales.  We are doing
             a few extra spot checks of other locales.
           o For Tbird,  rhelmer is completing the generation of updates
             and then QA will test these.  This is all  that is remaining
             for Tbird.
           o There will be some staging and last minute testing of live
             bits on Tuesday and Wednesday
     * We are still on track for the release date of Wednesday May 31st
     * Key changes for  this release:
           o Mac UB is now available for TBird.  We will release this in
             parallel with the Mac PPC version this first time like we
             did with FFx.
           o Mac UB will be the only download for FFx and Mac PPC users
             will be updated to the  UB build.  This completes the
             transition to Mac UB for FFx.
           o Adding Lithuanian (lt) as a new locale for FFx
           o 247 bugs were fixed.  ~90 were xforms which don't directly
             affect FF/TB
     * Some interesting automation news:  We have three new test tools
       that we used at the very end of and now  are more
       integrated into our testing or  The are:
           o MetaDiff L10n Checker: Finds the differences between en-ES
             and LocaleX for 1.5 and for 1.5.0.x ensures only the
             expected changes appear in each locale for 1.5.0.x
             see: http://wiki.mozilla.org/MozillaQualityAssurance:MetaDiff

           o Update Checker  - Applies full and partial updates to en-US
             and each locale to ensure that an updated installation of
             1.5.0.x equals the full downloaded 1.5.0.x.

           o Download Checker - takes a web page with download links,
             downloads the build, and collects build id info.

     * Handy Links:
           o Schedule: http://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox:
           o Release Checklist:

           o Community Info/Test plan:
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