Upcoming Holidays in Romania - Q3 2016

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Upcoming Holidays in Romania - Q3 2016

Florin Mezei
Hi everyone,


We have an upcoming Holiday in Romania, next Monday (August 15) - this means
that all SoftVision teams will be out of office, and back in on Tuesday
August 16. We think this shouldn't have any impact on the projects that we
are currently working on. If you have any concerns, please let us know.





Florin Mezei | Project Manager

SOFTVISION | 57 Republicii Street, 400489 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Email:  <mailto:[hidden email]> [hidden email] | Web:
<http://www.softvision.ro/> www.softvision.ro

The content of this communication is classified as SOFTVISION Confidential
and Proprietary Information.


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