USA and Canada clocks changing on Sunday

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USA and Canada clocks changing on Sunday

L. David Baron
Early on Sunday (November 5), regions of the USA and Canada that
observe daylight saving time (summer time) will no longer be on
daylight saving time.  Clocks in these areas (most of the USA and
Canada, including California, Toronto, Portland, Vancouver, and New
York, and also some nearby countries) will move backward one hour.
(The most populous areas of the USA and Canada that do not change
their clocks are Hawaii, most of Arizona, and most of Saskatchewan.)

Meetings whose times are fixed to US time will start one hour later
for those in time zones that are not changing.  Note that most of
Europe changed one week earlier, so this will restore these meeting
times in Europe to the times they were before this week.

It may be helpful to note the time zone change when scheduling and
announcing meetings.  Starting Sunday, California time is designated
as PST, Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00, or UTC-8.  This means that
10:00 PST is 18:00 UTC.


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