Twitter Tears Down "No Blind People Allowed" Sign in Style

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Twitter Tears Down "No Blind People Allowed" Sign in Style

Adrian Higginbotham
news of another site going for Recaptcha
and this time it works for me.
I much prefer this solution to that used by microsoft and a similar
(possibly the same but I doubt it(  solution used by Google as reCAPTCHA
at least don't use scrambled numbers as the background.
They do also tell you how many figures to expect,
at first I thought that they used a female voice for the background and
a male for the forground noises which would be nice but have tried it a
few times and this seems inconsistent which is a shame.
although there is no means to replay the wav which again is a shame as a
couple of times I seemed to be a character short.
and the speed of the voice reading the characters is varied too
sometimes making it difficult to hear some figures I wonder if this is
really necessary and if if the range of speed variation could be drawn
in a bit.
on balance reCAPCHA is the better of the solutions I've come across to
date but still only a 6 out of ten as its a rehash of a visual approach,
not a none visual solution.

Adrian Higginbotham

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