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Triage List, Updates, Bulk Bug Editing

Emma Humphries

After sending out an update on triage status for the past few weeks, I
don't think it's adding value. Since we're focused on a smaller body of
bugs for the upcoming Firefox 57 (Quantum) release, so I'm curtailing the
weekly report.

Bugs in need of a decision about Firefox 57 and high priority (P1) bugs
which are known to affect or may affect 57 are linked from queries here.

Also, having a separate mailing list of triage owners has created extra
work as there's frequent turnover in who is responsible for triaging bugs
in components, so I'm closing down the firefox-triage-leads list. I'll use
dev. planning to communicate work on bugs.

I have a new service I can help you with now. Bulk bug editing. If you need
to make changes to large numbers of bugs (priority, component, flags, etc)
without sending large amounts of bug mail. I can do that for you now.

Please open a bug in Bug Edit Requests

After 57's released I want do further cleanup on old, open bugs in Bugzilla.

Have a great weekend.

-- Emma
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