Transparency issue in windowed NPAPI plugin under Windows OS

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Transparency issue in windowed NPAPI plugin under Windows OS


I found that overlaying over the windowed plugin doesn't work (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8372162/html-on-top-of-npapi-plugin). I decided to test it under windows OS and found that it works when I use xulrunner as a browser. But with firefox browser it doesn't work.
It is important for me to use windowed plugin because I want to use MFC visual controls in plugin.
Unfortunately, I've faced with another problem related to transparency.
For example, we have 2 rectangles and plugin window; all have the same sizes and positions; rectangles have different colors. Rectangle 1 (Back rectangle) has the smallest z-index, rectangle 2 (Front rectangle) - the biggest z-index and some transparency (I used rgba(51, 61, 66, 0.35) in my example), and plugin window is between them. Rendering in that case doesn't take into account plugin window. Transparency works, but we see "back rectangle" on the background, not plugin window.
This issue doesn't take place if we use windowless plugin approach. But in that case I don't have a window handle (HWND for windows) which is used to create child windows (my controls). Possible to get a handle of the browser window and create ListView control as its child window. But in that case overlaying doesn't work.

1. Should overlaying (over the plugin window) work for windowed plugins in xulrunner or it just an unspecified feature?
2. Should transparency work and now it is a xulrunner defect?
3. What GUI framework could I use for windowless plugins under windows?
4. Is it possible to use MFC for windowless plugins (use provided HDC handle as drowing context somehow)?
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