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Tinderbox VM Migration schedule

J. Paul Reed
Hey all:

There was some discussion of this at the weekly Mozilla Project meeting,
and I made a blog post
with some high level information, but I just wanted to post the
Tinderbox VM migration schedule, given the current issues with Firefox

The first round of migrations, which are currently underway, will move
the following machines:

creature, beast, starbuck, galactica

The second round of migrations, which will begin tomorrow, will move the
following machines:

maple, comet, argo, solaria

The third round of migrations, which are scheduled, but which will NOT
proceed until 2.0a2 is shipped, will migrate:

prometheus, pacifica, gaius, btek.

There are also some machines we have here (luna, lhasa, balsa) which are
scheduled to move down to the colo, but there isn't currently a schedule
for those machines yet; they'll move after we have all of the older,
more expensive hardware out of the colo.

If there are any questions/concerns about the migrations, feel free to
let us know.

It's important to us that we don't affect the 2.0a2 release activities,
so if you see something that you think might cause issues, feel free to
bop me on the head. Thanks!

J. Paul Reed
Build/Release Engineer - The Mozilla Corporation
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