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Time & Date problems importing

When I import my an ics file from WinDates (or any program using the
same age features described below), the recurrence events are completely
messed up.  Instead of being yearly birthday/anniversary events, they
appear daily for about a month, and the start date & end date are
completely changed.

I believe this may be due to how the dates/times are stored in
Calendar/Sunbird, but I'm not sure.  Basically, I've been using the
"calculate age from start date" feature in WinDates (a feature which I
love, depend on, and hope something similar is/will be available in
Sunbird :) - However, since I can't seem to enter any start dates before
1969 in Sunbird, I'm guessing that's why it's messing up the recurrence
information and everything.  (Obviously, I have people born before then
in my calendar, and so their start dates are entered as such).

Any ideas on how to get around this?  I have too much information to
manually start over in Sunbird, but I'd really like to switch over to it
if I can get the import to work.  It would take a lot of work to
manually change the date information as well - given the number of
events I have (additionally, I would like to keep their ages/birth years

Thanks in advance.
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