The countdown to Fenix!

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The countdown to Fenix!

Jeff Beatty
Hey everyone,

Fenix is coming! It represents a rebirth of our Android browser. It's
leaner, it's faster, and we want its reach to be more linguistically
accessible than it's older sibling, Fennec. I'll be sending updates to this
mailing list on our collective progress in that area, but for this first
email from me, these are the things you need to know:

- Fennec Nightly migrations to Fenix Nightly: Live!
- Feature complete date: 6 March
- Source string freeze date: 6 March
- Localized string freeze date: end of March
- Fenix launch date: within April 2020

*Current progress*
- If your community actively localized Fennec in the last 9 months, we've
enabled Fenix for your locale in Pontoon [1] (a total of 89 locales, I
- Average Fenix completion percentage across all locales: 52%
- Average Fennec completion percentage across all locales: 90%

*Important info*
- Delphine is away until mid-May 2020. Flod and I are splitting her role
while she’s away, with me serving as your point of contact for this project
- By EOD today, the "Firefox for Android" project in Pontoon will be
deactivated and will no longer take localization contributions. The team
has stated they won't be landing new strings for that project anymore, but
didn't want the door to be completely closed by removing the project from
Pontoon altogether.
- If you have not already downloaded it, you can find the Fenix Nightly
builds in the Google Play Store [3]. The language switcher feature is live
and functional. Your language will appear in the app's list of available
languages once you begin localizing the project in Pontoon and the Fenix
team imports your locale into the build process. If you don't localize the
project, your language will not appear in the builds. Please note that
Android 5 at least is necessary to use and test Fenix on an Android device.
- Since not all communities follow this mailing list, I'll likely do
individual comms to make sure all of this info is spread around and help
individual communities overcome hurdles.

We're thrilled to see Fenix become a more useful version of the browser we
all love on Android. Thank you in advance for your help to make this

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