The Tor Project is looking for a Lead Automation Engineer

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The Tor Project is looking for a Lead Automation Engineer

Mike Perry-9
The Tor Project wants to deploy nightly builds and continuous
integration for as many of our key software components and platform
combinations as possible, with a focus on our Firefox-based browser.

Your job would be build and deploy the initial functional versions of a
wide range of testing frameworks and continuous integration systems.

This is a contract position. Candidates are expected to be capable of
taking the lead in selecting, deploying, and maintaining multiple
automation systems in several different programming languages.

Candidates should also be capable of reproducing bugs and writing new
reproduction test cases for one or more of the testing frameworks.
Eventually, we hope to add additional staff to assist in this project,
but to start, you will be expected to prioritize your own work such that
the most important tasks get attention first, without letting any
specific core component starve for attention.

For more details, including information on how to apply, see the job

Mike Perry

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