Testrail Update Nov 2016

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Testrail Update Nov 2016

Stuart Philp
Hey everyone,

As many of you know we've begun using testrail for our test case
management. Moztrap, the previous tcms, is planned to be decommissioned
very soon. If you haven't yet, please review your Moztrap tests and see if
you need to find a new home for them. For any Mozilla projects, we can move
them into testrail. At this time there is not a community testrail option
(more on that below).

We now have some support from our Ops team. They have taken over
maintenance and monitoring of the testrail infrastructure. They have stood
up a new instance of testrail in our AWS infrastructure with the database
properly separated out from the application, giving us some better
stability and piece of mind (i.e. we shouldn't lose everything), and as the
test base grows will allow us to scale up and hopefully avoid any slowness
like we saw with Moztrap. We have cut over to the new instance, please keep
an eye out and review your test suites to make sure everything carried over
and is working fine.

Now that we have the new instance in place we'll begin on a solution for a
community accessible instance. This instance is likely to be read-only to
start while we work through this, but should allow everyone to participate
in things like test days and see progress. I will update this list as
things happen.

We also now have a bit of process in place for how we want to handle test
plan creation, review, and automation flagging. I've started documenting
much of this and will continue to do so:

This will continue to evolve as we find what works for us and what doesn't,
but if you have any thoughts or questions please reach out!

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