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Marwa Arbi

Hi ,
After integrating Testopia with Bugzilla seccussfully, I encountred a stronge error. When user who has plans click on " My Plans", Plans are displayed with no problem. But when user  who hasn't plans on " My Plans",the below error appear:

DBD::mysql::db selectcol_arrayref failed: Column 'plan_id' in where clause is ambiguous [for Statement "SELECT DISTINCT test_plans.plan_id FROM test_plans  INNER JOIN test_plan_permissions ON (test_plans.plan_id = test_plan_permissions.plan_id) WHERE plan_id in (0) AND test_plan_permissions.permissions > 0 AND test_plan_permissions.userid = 8 AND test_plans.isactive = 1 AND 1 = 1"] at /loader/0x2a31e94/Bugzilla/Extension/Testopia/Table.pm line 118
                Bugzilla::Extension::Testopia::Table::init('Bugzilla::Extension::Testopia::Table=HASH(0x3bcc974)', 'plan', 'tr_list_plans.cgi',
                'Bugzilla::CGI=HASH(0x9db22c)', undef, 'SELECT DISTINCT test_plans.plan_id FROM test_plans  INNER JOI...') called at /loader/0x2a31e94/Bugzilla/Extension/Testopia/Table.pm line 88 Bugzilla::Extension::Testopia::Table::new('Bugzilla::Extension::Testopia::Table', 'plan', 'tr_list_plans.cgi', 'Bugzilla::CGI=HASH(0x9db22c)', undef, 'SELECT DISTINCT test_plans.plan_id FROM test_plans  INNER JOI...') called at C:/Bugzilla/tr_list_plans.cgi line 90

I don't encountered this problem with links "My Cases" and "My Runs" even if the user has no runs and no cases.

Any idea?
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