Testday - Mozilla Firefox Mobile 2 alpha 1 - Friday, Sep 10

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Testday - Mozilla Firefox Mobile 2 alpha 1 - Friday, Sep 10

Kevin Brosnan
Mozilla QA is having a test day this Friday, September 10th. You are
invited! We'll be testing Firefox Mobile 2 alpha, and we have builds
that will work on your desktop so anyone can test. If you have a
device that will run Firefox Mobile such as a Nokia n900/n800 series
or an Android 2.0 phone [1] we would glad to have your assistance.

We will be testing basic functionally for Firefox Mobile and working
on the mobile litmus tests [2]. We are looking for help testing the
trunk nightly builds. They can be downloaded from

The test day will start this Friday from 7:00am PDT (14:00 UTC) and
wrap up around 5:00pm PDT (04:00 UTC, Saturday).

Test days are held on the Mozilla IRC network,
irc://irc.mozilla.org/#testday. Getting to the channel can be as easy
as clicking on http://tinyurl.com/mozqa-testday and choosing a name.

[1] https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Platforms/Android#System_Requirements
[2] https://litmus.mozilla.org/run_tests.cgi?test_run_id=195

Kevin Brosnan
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