TestRail issues: work submitted between <1:15PM (10.26.2016) and 1:15PM (10.27.2016)> , reports and attachments unaccessible on the main testrail

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TestRail issues: work submitted between <1:15PM (10.26.2016) and 1:15PM (10.27.2016)> , reports and attachments unaccessible on the main testrail

Adrian Florinescu
Hello all,

Things got sorted out with the Ops team related to the "vanished"/"lost"
TestRail data:

 1. There has been a cutover to a new DNS for TestRail, which resulted
    into two testrails instances. The new one that is accessible now at
    https://testrail.stage.mozaws.net/  is missing somewhere around 24h
    interval worth of data. Roughly any work submitted between  1:15PM
    (10.26.2016) and 1:15PM (10.27.2016) will not be found on the
    official testrail link. If you know you had tests created, test
    runs, updates, etc. in the specified time frame and you need to
    recuperate them, you can access
    https://testrail-old.stage.mozaws.net/ and you will need to manually
    import them into the new testrail (this assuming you haven't already
    redid the work).
    /Note: the old testrail will only be temporary available, so please
    verify your work and manually import the missing part as necessary.
 2. On the new testrail adding/viewing attachments or reports wasn't
    functioning. /(*p**roblem already **fixed*)


On 28.10.2016 16:39, Ryan VanderMeulen wrote:

> +CC [hidden email]
> <mailto:[hidden email]>
> Stuart is on PTO, so I'm hoping Cloud Ops might have some idea as to
> what's going on here.
> -Ryan
> On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 4:09 AM, Adrian Florinescu
> <[hidden email]
> <mailto:[hidden email]>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     Adding Andrei and Florin, since seem this issue is wide spread.
>     Part of 10.27 work seems to have vanished.
>     Also, there is now a problem with the attachments. The old ones
>     are not accessible and no new ones can be added :->  "Attachment
>     directory is not writable".
>     Regards,
>     Adrian
>     On 28.10.2016 10:35, Simona Badau wrote:
>>     Hi,
>>     I'm contacting you in regards with some tests written in Testrail
>>     yesterday, which seem to have vanished. I added 19 new tests
>>     under the Subsection Bug 1309588 Partner seach
>>     <https://testrail.stage.mozaws.net/index.php?/suites/view/219&group_by=cases:section_id&group_order=asc>.
>>     Do you have any idea what could have happened ?  Maybe a test
>>     rail update or a restore?
>>     The concern would be in this case if this was a planned
>>     occurrence or a random one?
>>     Regards,
>>     Simona Badau

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