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Scott Davis-2
Tabbed Browsing Feature

One feature I like with the new version of IE with the tab browsing, it will allow you to view every tab in like a summary, if the feature could be built into firefox I believe it would go over with great fanfare.  I am including an image attachment to show you what I mean.

Thank You,
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Subject: Re: Fx2 Planning Centre (was PRD review)

(top-posting 'cause Blackberries suck that way, sorry)

I think the talk documents might be a better way, since it lets us discuss rationale for changes, and then we can track the debate and arrive at decisions together at next week's meeting.

Or in these groups.


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Subject: Re: Fx2 Planning Centre (was PRD review)

How do folk with questions like Rob Strong's etc submit feedback? Do
they just edit the document?

On 3/23/06, Mike Beltzner <[hidden email]> wrote:
> Based on the feedback received about the structure of the existing PRD, it might be better to split the document into various sections that more clearly call out the different purposes of the planning documentation.

> Why don't we ..:
>  - use as the bon echo planning centre (really, we've been doing this all along)
>  - unlink the PRD, and beak it up into bits as described below
>  - take the first sections of the PRD on goals, vision, and mission of the project and put it in a section called "Project Goals and Objectives"

>  - replace the "Features" section with a "Requirements" section based on the PRD, but without owners; just a list of prioritized requirements. Provide links to tracking bugs for each requirement, and as Chris H suggested, tie those into a master tracking bug for Bon Echo.

>  - replace the "Schedule" page with the updated content from the PRD
>  - replace the "Release Criteria" page with the updated content from the PRD
>  - get to reviewing the requirements and scheduling sections asap, with the goal of finalising at next week's Bon Echo meeting.

>  - continue to cross post between bonecho@ and dev.planning until we can work out list migration issues later this week or early next week.

> Chris: would you be able to start updating the wiki?
> cheers,
> mike
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