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TB impact: Fwd: Intent to remove client.mk

Can removing client.mk in ./mozilla subdirecotry
affect TB build?

We don't remove client.mk in ./ (T-B) directory right away, do we?
(Not that I am using client.mk very often directly.
make -f client.mk update or something I do from time to time.)



-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Intent to remove client.mk
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2017 16:16:01 -0700
From: Gregory Szorc <[hidden email]>
To: dev-platform <[hidden email]>, dev-builds
<[hidden email]>

client.mk has existed since 1998 (
Before `mach`, client.mk was the recommended way to build Firefox and
perform other build tasks. client.mk has rarely changed in recent years
because the build system maintainers have been working around it and
because not much has changed around how the very early parts of "invoke the
build system" work.

The build system maintainers are making a significant push towards
supporting building Firefox without GNU make in this and future quarters.

Since client.mk is a make file and we want to not require make to build
Firefox, client.mk is incompatible with our vision for the future of the
Firefox build system. Furthermore, client.mk represents an ancient piece of
build system infrastructure and its convoluted content creates
consternation and inhibits forward progress. For these reasons, I'm
announcing the intent to remove client.mk.

If you have tools, infrastructure, workflows, etc that use client.mk - or
any direct use of `make` for that matter - please transition them to `mach`
commands and/or check with a build peer regarding your use case. You can
file bugs regarding client.mk dependencies against bug 1412398.

Thank you for your understanding.
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