Survey about Photon and redesigned error pages, UI tour

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Survey about Photon and redesigned error pages, UI tour

Francesco Lodolo [:flod]
Hi localizers,
The User Experience team asked us to share with you a short survey about
the new error messages and UI tour that will appear in Firefox 57.

Here's a link to the survey, please keep reading for more context.

In case you're not familiar with Quantum and Photon: Quantum[1]
represents Mozilla's effort to develop the next-generation web engine,
able to take advantage of parallelism and modern hardware, delivering
improved performances and a better web experience to Firefox users.

While Quantum changes will happen under the hood, Photon will involve
several aspects of the user interface, for example:
* Improved first-run and onboarding experience
* Visual redesign to give Firefox a UI that feels more modern and refined
* Menu and preferences restructure
* Performance improvements to complement Quantum work
* Use of animations

Part of Photon is also making sure that Firefox message is consistent
across the board, both in terms of content and aspect [2].

Error messages are going to be redesigned, and there's going to be a UI
tour to introduce some of the most important features. And that's where
your expertize becomes fundamental. We need to hear from you: take the
survey, and let designers know how you feel.
For example:
* Are the images appropriate? Would you expect different images,
different colors, no images at all?
* Is the tone of the message and its content something that works for
your culture? What would you expect?

This survey is only going to take a few minutes of your time, but it's
going to represent valuable feedback for the designers.


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