Sunbird 0.2 and Task bugs

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Sunbird 0.2 and Task bugs

Steve Ramage-3
I read the page that says a bunch of the bug fixes, but some of them are
obscure an I'm not sure of the terminology. These are the problems I've
been having which sorta prevent me from using Sunbird. The one maybe not
standard thing I do, is that I have my shared calender url as

I'm using windows and have that file as an offline drive, and let
windows handle the syncing for now (Don't feel like setting up apache).

Basically tasks which I'd like to use is at this point very frustrating
to use. Completed tasks that I have checked, if I add a new task they
get unchecked. Tasks will disappear randomly, and tasks that haven't or
couldn't be started yet, are displayed there which sorta defeats the
purpose of a start date IMHO.

Also I noticed that if I sync my ics file with my ipod (by copying it)
the tasks list crashes my ipod, who knows where that is.

I was wondering if these bugs had been expiranced before and would be
fixed by 0.3, and when atleast the beta or alpha of 0.3 will be out.

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