Stopping "Ask me before clearing private data?" pop-up

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Stopping "Ask me before clearing private data?" pop-up

If you set the privacy options in Firefox 1.5 (tools -> options ->
privacy -> settings) to clear your private data, it annoyingly asks you
to confirm every time!

'Apparently' this is because some users may not understand that if they
ask for data to be cleared such as passwords, especially with the
option "clear private data when closing Firefox", that that is what it

Therefore, the rest of us we have to endure unnecessary handholding
every session. This means the option "Ask me before clearing private
data?" is disabled and greyed out. To get over this issue you can
manually override the setting in you configuration.

1) In the Firefox address bar type 'about:config'.
2) right click on any value and select 'New', then off the sub-menu
3) paste in the text 'privacy.sanitize.promptOnSanitize' and press
4) double click until bold and has the value 'false'


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