Splitting Requests in Firefox

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Splitting Requests in Firefox

Julian F

for a project at my university, I need to develop a Firefox add-on
(or WebEextension?) that splits every HTTP request into multiple range
requests (if the web server supports them) and sends them via separate
TCP connections.

 What would be the best approach to solve this problem in an elegant way?

I tried to implement this as a WebExtension using the webRequest
API, however I could not figure out how to hand over responses of
additional requests (sent by fetch) to the 'core browser' such that
they can be handled like ordinary responses. I ended up in parsing
the responses manually and writing them to the document by an
injected content script. However, this seems to work for static
pages only, whereas AJAX or other dynamic contents yield problems as
I do not know how to send the responses correctly to the document.
Eventually, web pages are not displayed correctly.

I would appreciate your feedback.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards


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