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Spidermonkey Release plans

Bob Clary
Spidermonkey 1.5 Final

I plan to release a final version of Spidermonkey 1.5 later this week
based on the MOZILLA_1_8a4_RELEASE cvs tag. Basing the release on this
tag will exclude the recent work on E4X and the new additions such as
Array.prototype.map and Array.prototype.forEach.

Spidermonkey 1.6

Going forward the plan is to release future versions of Spidermonkey on
a more regular basis. The idea is to release a final version of
Spidermonkey 1.6 that corresponds to the JavaScript engine shipped with
Firefox 1.5 based on the Mozilla 1.8 branch. An updated version of the
JavaScript Test Library will also be released at the same time.

Point Releases

I am considering making point releases of Spidermonkey,,
to correspond to future point releases of Firefox 1.5. These would
continue until the next major version of Firefox based on the Mozilla
1.9 branch is released when the version would move to 1.6.1.

Comments and suggestions?

Bob Clary

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