Social Accessibility now supports Firefox and WAI-ARIA

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Social Accessibility now supports Firefox and WAI-ARIA

Hironobu Takagi
#this is a cross post with free ARIA mailing list.

Hi All,

I'm Hiro, a tech lead of the Social Accessibility project in IBM.
Let me announce support of Firefox and WAI-ARIA in the project!
It means that any one can add WAI-ARIA to any AJAX application on the net.

As a first step, we added a function to create and attach live region
metadata to any apps.

We tested with some sites and they are working. So, if you are interested
in the external metadata approach for WAI-ARIA, please try following

1. Install bookmarklets

The project now provides a bookmarklet to apply metadata. (If you are
asked to sign in then please register an account or sign in as a guest
without registration.) 

2. Access sample pages and run our bookmarklet on the page. ("Apply
metadata (Social Accessibility bookmarklet)")

We have prepared two sample pages. It is recommended to try it with
FireVox. (we found small issues with other screen readers.)
You can also check added metadata by using tools like Firebug.

This is an example of a page "without" live region. 

Access gmail and "logout" from the service. In the page, there is a lively
updated text to show free storage size.
We added live-aria="polite" to the text. 

3. Create live-region metadata

Please install our Firefox extension to create metadata. 

Move to a target page, and then open left-side "Sidebar" or right-side
"Pagemap", and follow the instruction.
There is no mention about Live region in the instruction, but you can
select "WAI-ARIA" or "Live region" from the pull down menu to select
metadata type. 

We appreciate any comments and suggestion.

Thank you.

Hironobu Takagi, PhD.
Accessibility Research
Tokyo Research Laboratory, IBM Research
E-mail: [hidden email]
dev-accessibility mailing list
[hidden email]