Side Tab Panel as "default" browser layout?

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Side Tab Panel as "default" browser layout?

Jakub Muszynski-2

I'm really sorry, if this message is in the wrong topic, but I
couldn't decide which group is should belong to.

On the beginning, I'd like to say, that I use 3 browsers: Firefox,
Chromium, and Opera, depending on place (work/home).
Recently al lot has changed in the browser world (pushing on HTML5,
new browser layout), some caused by Google Chrome innovations.

Speaking about new layout, all of the browsers "copied" Chrome with
"removing" Menu Bar (File, Edit, View...) and integrating it with
search bar.
Most of the notebooks, and the new Monitors do have wide screen, with
ratio 16:9 or so, and the height of the screen is relatively small
compared to width. Most of the pages, are still build in height.
That's why saving this 10-15 pix of "Menu Bar" is quite good.
I would like to suggest more.
I think, it would be great, to place Tab Bar on a side, by default.

I do use Tree Style Tab placed on a side in Firefox, and well, it
works great.

Here is screen of my FF at "secondary computer" (yes, I do have old
version with MenuBar):

So - my suggestion is:
SAVE extra height pixels, by moving Tab Panel on side (left or right).

BTW. Chromium have great feature - Task Manager - it is great when a
flash plugin die on one of ~30 pages, Would be nice to see it here as
(FF on Ubuntu dies more often than Chromium :( )

What do you think about it?
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