Shumway status report: September 2014

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Shumway status report: September 2014

Chris Peterson-12
Shumway is a cleanroom implementation of Adobe's Flash Player plugin
using JavaScript and HTML5.

The Shumway team just completed its "M2" milestone, merging a major
rearchitecting of Shumway back to mozilla-central (still disabled by
default). You can follow our roadmap at [1].

Our next milestone, "M3", will enable Shumway by default for a small
whitelist of Flash content. In particular, we are focusing on Flash ads
because they are usually simple animations (so SWF compatibility is
tractable) but also a common source of page load jank. We think a
lightweight Shumway player can provide a smoother and safer user
experience for simple content than Adobe's Flash Player plugin.

To test Shumway in Nightly 35, flip your "shumway.disabled" pref to
false. Flash content should now load in Shumway, with a "Shumway" button
in the lower-right corner to revert to Adobe's Flash Player plugin.
Please file bugs about broken Flash content in Bugzilla's "Firefox ::
Shumway" product component.

To see Shumway in action without changing your prefs (or using other
browsers), check out the Shumway gallery at [2].

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