Should I try OS/2 SM again?

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Should I try OS/2 SM again?

Ray Davison
Several years ago, under eCS 2.1 I tried to get to a website with SM,
and all I got was a black page with a pinwheel in the middle.  At that
point I decided life was too short for such "challenges", and stopped
trying to shop under eCS.

I have since used WXP and W7.  I use FF to get to Chase, and for
everything else I use SM.  It is now somewhere around 2.5 depending on
which distro I am using.

I always run "seamonkey.exe -Profilemanager" - This was pasted from an
actual run object.  I have a bunch of profiles, name them anything I
want and put them anywhere I want.  My email files began life in
Netscape and I have always put them anywhere I want. I currently have
over a hundred filters - I filter the good stuff and what is left in the
inbox is almost all junk and so easy to review and "process".  I have
done this since Netscape.  And both profiles and mail files I have
shared between OS/2 and Win on Fat 32.

I do not allow apps or data to be on boot partitions, and that goes for
any Mozilla stuff - maybe DLLs.  I can restore an OS partition and the
data does not know the difference, and I can restore a data partition
and the OS does not know the difference.  Why screw with data if an OS
breaks and visa versa.  And all machines have at least two partitions of
any OS I am making serious use of.  That is for backup and maintenance.

OK, enough background, yes I have a question.

The last time I tried to run SM under OS/2 I apparently either did not
have all the pieces, and/or did not have them all in the correct places.
  My question is; should I again try to go shopping with OS/2?  I have
eCS 2.1.  Should I be able to get SM to do mail and get to almost all
sites, except maybe need FF to get to Chase?


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