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Setting JavaScript context

Enno Fennema
I am trying to get Venkman debugger working and am using the tutorial by
Svendtofte. On the Basics page he explains how to set the ‘evaluation
context’. Doing so the title of the Interactive Session panel confirms a
changed context but variable 'a' remains stubborn undefined.

Also ‘document.title’ reports ‘JavaScript Debugger’ rather than the
title of the page being debugged.

The bar at the top of the interactive session page reads correctly i.e.
Interactive Session [context: venkman_example_1.html, ... ]

Using Linux x86_64, Firefox 3.0.14

This problem has been reported before in a different forum and the
solution (well ???) was 'Use Firebug'.

Is there a Venkman solution?

Enno Fennema

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