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Senior C++ Desktop Application Developer

Nima Sharifimehr-2
Company Overview:

NetSecure Technologies Ltd. is an IT company that focuses on developing innovative products to secure sensitive financial information while making online transactions. Our products are based on a groundbreaking security technology which makes it virtually impossible for an unauthorized party to intercept sensitive financial information. NetSecure provides security products and services for the retail consumer and for the financial services industry. Our products are available coast-to-coast through major retailers across North America.

NetSecure offers an attractive and flexible work environment, ordered towards the personal and professional development of its employees.

Job Description:

As a key member of our product development team, you will be responsible for designing and developing solutions for secure online transaction processing. You will assist in the development of proprietary applications for end consumer online transaction security. This includes web browser extensions and mobile applications designed to protect sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords, and banking credentials. You will be a key member in a challenging and exciting project, requiring creative problem solving and outside-the-box thinking.

Primary Responsibilities:

*         Design, development, and maintenance of new and existing product lines using C++.

*         Leading the design and development of new product features and the continual improvement of our core technology.

*         Provide efficient and optimal technical solutions to business problems in the secure transaction processing space.

*         Design and development of innovative new technologies, including secure web browser extensions, web crawling, and web intelligence technologies.

*         Development of tools and utilities to streamline the software development process.

*         Maintain current and extensive knowledge with industry trends and developments.
Required Qualifications:

*         6+ years professional experience developing C++ desktop applications.

*         A post-secondary degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.

*         Experience in systems programming, tools development, interpreters/compilers.

*         Experience in developing desktop applications under Windows environment. Familiarity with browser extension development for Internet Explorer and Firefox would be an asset.

*         Thorough understanding of multi-threaded application development, including threading architecture, thread safety, concurrency control, and multi-processor optimization.

*         Advanced knowledge of C++ programming using design patterns and libraries (STL, Ace, Boost, Netscape portable library, Apache portable library, ...).

*         Experience in following best design practices, coding standards, and excellent attention to the details and quality of deliverables.

*         Strong diagnostic and troubleshooting skills. Demonstrated experience with finding bugs in managed/unmanaged codes using tools such as SysInternals, WinDbg, OllyDbg, and IDA Pro.

*         Proficiency in utilizing third-party tools to optimize and streamline the development process.

*         Low level software security testing skills, including finding memory safety issues, local escalation of privilege, or other exploits around subverting internal software security boundaries.

*         A functional understanding of implementation level security issues.

*         A deep understanding of architecture level security concepts.

*         Working knowledge of crypto (SSL certificates, code signing, symmetric crypto).

*         Up to date knowledge of current and emerging application security threats and techniques for exploiting application vulnerabilities.

*         C# programming experience and familiarity with .NET interoperability with unmanaged code would be an asset.

*         Ability to work with a geographically distributed development team.

*         Ability to quickly learn and be effective with a large code base.

*         Creative, outside the box thinker.

*         Resourcefulness and independence; ability to work with minimal supervision.

*         Excellent problem-solving, analytical, and organizational skills.

*         Experience with Visual Studio Team System an asset.

*         Experience participating and contributing to open source projects.

*         Excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to work well with others a necessity.

NetSecure Technologies Ltd appreciates all submitted resumes however only candidates who best match the position and requirements will be in contact for an interview. Resume and cover letter may be emailed to [hidden email] or faxed to (306) 205-1927. For more details on NetSecure Technologies Ltd, please check out our website at<>

Nima Sharifimehr
Product Development Manager
NetSecure Technologies, Ltd
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