Selecting a folder in NC:BookmarksRoot

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Selecting a folder in NC:BookmarksRoot

Hello Everyone,

When trying to manipulate the bookmarks (e.g. adding new bookmarks)
via XUL, than you'll usually start at the BoomarksRoot.

   ptfResource = RDF.GetResource("NC:BookmarksRoot");

When I like to add bookmarks into an already existing folder (e.g.
folder named: "myFolder"), how can I select that particular folder? Do
I really need to iterate through the BookmarksRoot to find the folder
that I'd like to use, or is it possible to select that resource

I mean something like below.

   ptfResource = RDF.GetResource("NC:BookmarksRoot\myFolder");

Please note, that the above code is only an example to clearify what I
mean (it doesn't work).

Thanks in advance,

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