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Seeking guidance :)

Seif Gamoudi

I have recently started working with Bugzilla in order to customize it to
our needs, since everyone is talking about the fact that this tool is
extraordinary in that aspect.

I will be explaining what I am trying to achieve, what I have done so far
and I will appreciate any guidance from you who are more experienced with


We want to have a public domain and a private domain under the same product.

·         People in the Public domain can create a bug after selecting a
product, they can see the bugs in the public domain.

·         People in the Private domain can see the bugs created in the
public domain.

·         People in the Public domain cannot see bugs in the private domain.

·         People in the Private domain can create bugs and have the option
to restrict them to the private domain.

·         Not all people in the private domain can submit create bugs in
the Public domain, however these people should be able to create bugs in
the Private domain.

·         All people in the Private domain can clone bugs from public
domain to private domain.

What did we try:

We thought this could be handled with the appropriate group access control
on products.

For the sake of testing:

·         We created a product (Product1).

·         We created 4 groups (Public, Private, Private_submitter,

·         This is the group access control for Product1 :

*Public:*NA/NA, ENTRY
*Private_submitter:*NA/NA, ENTRY

This configuration does most of what we want above except the cloning part
, not giving the right to enter bugs seems to block the cloning.

What I have done here was copying enter_bug.cgi making the link use my new
.cgi file which I called duplicate.cgi in which I have removed the check
for the user enterable_products.

That allowed me to bypass the error message and be able to get to the bug
form after clicking “ Clone this bug”  link, however when I submit it to
post_bug.cgi it seems to block the creation again.

This is where I ended up second guessiong the approach and requiring an
outside perspective.


Am I using the correct approach to achieve what I have explained above?

Could you please guide me if there is a better approach?

Best regards,

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