Seeking champion for Firefox high contrast bugs

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Seeking champion for Firefox high contrast bugs

Aaron Leventhal-3
Although Firefox works to integrate with system themes, there are
sometimes issues. Occasionally, UI elements may not me readable when a
reverse color theme is used.

Here's an example: if a foreground or text color of black is hardcoded
into a theme, and the background color adapts to a white on black, the
element will end up as black on black.

Mozilla needs someone to go through these bugs and prioritize them. It
would of course be great to get fixes as well, but the bottom line is if
prioritization is done we can push for fixes from the front end team.

Are there any volunteers willing to go through the bugs and help with

Here's the meta bug -- all the individual bugs are listed as
dependencies in it:

If you're interested but need more guidance, feel free to ask. We're
also on #accessibility if you'd like to chat.

- Aaron

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