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Security Zone Policy on Windows

Carsten Breuer-3
Hi all,

i'am wondering why Mozilla 3 use this "policy thing from hell"
Security Zone Policy. One of the reason why i use mozilla is,
that it works out of the box.

The "Security Zone Policy" is IMHO totally without logic, unusable
and worse. So what is the reason for mozilla to use this and
annoy millions users that have now the same problems like they had
with Internet Explorer. Security by obscurity?

Why can't we switch this stuff off from the GUI? Why do we need
a "config_about" for that?

What happens:

I had to changed my Seurity Policy Settings because some
"great inventors" at sony ericsson thinks, that they need
flash to update a mobile phone. But they don't want the
flash from firefox, they only accept the MSIE-version.
How gluee le ss can one be ;-)?
I changed the Internet Policy to allow everything
that i can enable, but flash wouldn't install.
It take 30 Minutes to allow the flash download in MSIE.

Now Firefox use excactly this stuff! Good Job ;-)

I understand that companys need this, but there must be
a checkbox to disable it!

Best Regards,

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