Searching for a programmer for new Internet Startup

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Searching for a programmer for new Internet Startup

Searching for a top-notch programmer for an exciting new Internet

The project is a really cool idea. It is similar to Google in many
ways, but it’s not a search engine. Basically, it’s an online ad
publishing software, that let’s companies target their ads more
precisely than currently possible anywhere else.  This allows
companies to advertise more effectively and with a better return on
their investment. Especially in times like these, this is extremely
important. The software also has an extremely very strong incentive
for people to use it – therefore it also has viral growth potential
(yes, I realize a lot of people claim that these days).
Currently there is nothing similar available.

Operating expenses are directly related to revenue, so the operating
business is profitable by default (another bold claim, I know – it’s
true though).

The development work includes: databases, a website, and the software
(a toolbar / browser extension) – essentially all the technological
work involved with the launch of this startup. I’ll take care of all
the business stuff (marketing, sales, strategy etc).

It’s a challenging, creative, free environment. The work can be done
anywhere (ideally in the US), and can start immediately.

If you like boring projects with small scale potential, then this
isn’t for you.

If you’re curious and interesting in joining, please send a resume and/
or your portfolio to tkrueg01(at)

Until the business starts generating cash, pay is in the lovely form
of equity only.
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