[SeaMonkey] late-l10n implications on comm-beta by Bug 1446199

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[SeaMonkey] late-l10n implications on comm-beta by Bug 1446199

https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1446199 moved the
image-animation settings from Privacy & Security > Images to
Appearance > Media, this part also landed on comm-beta


Note that no strings were moved (comm-central only). The
pref-images.dtd strings are used in pref-media.xul for comm-beta,
however there may be an accesskey conflict now with the
allowMediaAutoplay checkbox introduced in

There have also been related Help updates pushed to comm-beta, in case
you are translating those (not essential to build SeaMonkey as such).
We hop to get the Help Viewer running again by the time the first 2.57
is released.


Sorry for any inconvenience, but we'd like to take this for 2.57 on
the upcoming new ESR branch.
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