SeaMonkey 1.0 Beta is out

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SeaMonkey 1.0 Beta is out

Robert Kaiser
Hi localizers,

I just want to note that the SeaMonkey project has just released the
SeaMonkey 1.0 Beta version of our internet suite, and we'd be happy to
get some localizations for that preview release.
The en-US (and later also localized) files can be downloaded from

As always, please notify mlp-staff of your packed-up files so we can
upload them to the servers (we don't support source L10n
yet, though this is planned for the future).

This Beta also marks the L10n freeze for 1.0 final, so everyone can
start localizing this and we the only changes still to expect in L10n
strings in until 1.0 (and for possible 1.0.x releases beyond it) will be
the release notes URL - and the localeVersion will likely be updated to
"1.8" (it's "1.8b5" still).
The only exceptions to that rule are possible security patches that
don't work without string changes (we know we had such things already,
but we don't expect them and will try to avoid them if in any way
possible), and minor corrections of help content (only in ways where
localizers don't need to pick up those changes to get a well-working and
useful help if they build on Beta's files).

The SeaMonkey 1.0 final release is expected for (early) January.

I hope that model works well for everyone involved, please reply here if
you see any problem with that...

Robert Kaiser
SeaMonkey Council member
mozilla-l10n mailing list
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