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Scripting Enabled tickets are now available - spread the word

Victor Tsaran
From: Christian Heilmann
Scripting enabled is go!

On 19th and 20th of September we'll spend 2 days kicking off an ongoing
research and solutions exercise to remove online accessibility barriers.
The event is split into two days with different venues:

On Friday, the 19th of September we'll meet in the Henry Thomas hall of
Metropolitan University in Holloway Road, London to learn from speakers
what kind of barriers there are in online offers. Instead of development
experts telling us what they think the barriers are this will have
speakers that deal with them day by day and cover a range of problems,
not just visual impairment.

This event has 150 tickets all in all and will be a discussion/
presentation day.

On Saturday, the 20th of September 50 hackers then meet at Gamelab in
Shoreditch take the learnings from day one and turn them into
alternative interfaces for sites that unnecessarily block out users.
We'll also create blue-print solutions for common problems that will be
released open source and documented under Creative Commons.

This event is a hack day and we got space for 50 dedicated hackers.

Get your ticket(s) at

thanks for helping me with this!


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