Screenshots are back for Focus iOS testing

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Screenshots are back for Focus iOS testing

Delphine L
Hi everyone,

Reza, one of our localizers from the Persian community, has worked super
hard recently in order to get the Focus iOS screenshots back up and
running. So I wanted first of all to thank him for all the hours he's spent
in putting this together :)

In fact, it had been a few cycles that we were unable to test this way -
which was basically the equivalent of translating in the blind for most of

Check them out here:
* iPhone7plus:
* iPhone5s:
* Github repo (useful for slower connections):

Also, I've put the link back in Pontoon so you can check them out from

There's currently Paste&Go missing, but this should come soon. Please let
us know if you see anything else.

Thanks again Reza!

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