Screen reader bug day, Tuesday, March 12

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Screen reader bug day, Tuesday, March 12

Liz Henry
Hi there,

This is a bit last minute as an event announcement, but tomorrow,
Tuesday March 12 there will be a screen reader and accessibility bug
day. Here is the event description,

While I talked so some people from the accessibility team and community
on IRC, I don't think I've been on this list or emailed it before. This
bug day is meant to get more people "bugmastering" -- i.e., helping to
triage and add information to bugs. It is also a possible pathway into
getting people to be more familiar with ways to contribute to Mozilla as
part of the community, and a good path into doing development work.

Please let me know of any thoughts you have on pulling in a wider
community to work on accessibility bugs -- I would love advice on how we
can be useful and make good connections.

Here is my post on the subject:

Thanks very much!



Liz Henry
Mozilla Bugmaster
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dev-accessibility mailing list
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