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Schedule for Firefox

Marcia Knous
Here is a quick update on Firefox

Key dates Schedule Deadlines

6/1 Release
6/14   Blocker Nomination Deadline
6/21   Code Freeze
6/22   RC1
Week of 6/26 - 6/30   BFTs and Community Testing
Week of 7/12 - 7/19   l10n and Update
7/19   Ship

Here is the page where will be tracking activities - we are
still building out the pages.

Release Team

The Release Team (jonas, dveditz, jay, marcia) has begun triaging all
requests for blocker nominations, blocker patch approvals, and
non-blocker patch approvals.

Release Team Meetings

Monday, Wed and Friday at 11 AM PDT
    Toll-free Number:        866-432-7917
    International Number:    334-309-0297

Links to relevant queries:

--marcia (for the FFx/TBird Release Team)
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