SVG event handling in XUL

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SVG event handling in XUL

Jonathan Chetwynd
SVG event handling in XUL


not sure if you or anyone else can help:

there is an SVG in XUL bug that is really hindering progress on XUL  
That is for those people that prefer graphics with their applications.

in this case event handling for SVG is broken:
- SVG used in XUL button is not active
this bug was filed 2 years ago.

jwatt is currently awaiting review on a possibly related issue
- SVG <a> element hack is painfully broken

which XUL developer could provide a comment?
or resolve?

is there a relationship between <a> and <button> in respect of event  
handling and "oncommand="?
if not should there be?

unfortunately this bug depends on 
show_bug.cgi?id=367031 being resolved to see the SVG which since  
November hasnt been possible...


Jonathan Chetwynd

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