SPARQL Queries for XUL templates

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SPARQL Queries for XUL templates

"neil.stansbury () redbacksystems ! com"
Hi all,

I have just been re-factoring some of my code, and discovered I am re-inventing the wheel slightly and would appreciate some thoughts/comments.

A few years ago I came up with a vocabulary for storing SPARQL queries in RDF and (appropriately I felt) called it TWINQL.  This allowed me to
procedurally generate XUL RDF template from SPARQL queries stored in the same RDF itself.  Basically mapping the query into <xul:triple/>
<xul:where/> and <xul:binding/> elements.

However, I have just discovered SPIN (, which appears to do the same - does anyone know anything about it?

It does seem to be much more complex than my TWINQL vocabulary, which make me less keen, but what does anyone know about it - is SPIN the way to
do this?

I'm sure I can't be the only one generating XUL templates dynamically, am I missing a much bigger picture?  How does everyone else do it, and I
guess more importantly where does the XUL templates roadmap lead?


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