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Restricting access to old bugs


I'm using R3.6.5 and I'm trying to restrict access to certain user to certain products. What I've doen so far is to create 2 groups, one for open access users and oned for the restricted group. I've then 'edited the product access control' for each product on the system to allow one or the other group then ticked the appropraite group for each user on the system. This has had the affect of restricting access correctly to the users for them to raise new bugs against only the product I want them to see.

My problem is that they can still see all bugs (old and new) on the system, even for products that they should not be able to see.

I'm not certain that the method I've used to restrict access is correct so I may need to start from scratch but I'm happy to get any advise that will get me to a point were certainb user can only raise and see bugs (old and new) that they have acces too.

Thanks in advance for any help. Dave