Released Dynamic Live Chat V4

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Released Dynamic Live Chat V4

Bryan Garaventa-2
In case anyone uses the Dynamic Live Chat Plugin at
V4 has been released.

Change Log

1. The front-end coding has been converted to use the AccDC Enterprise API for all client side behaviors; including automatic message announcement for screen reader users using the automated message queuing feature that prevents message announcement overlapping. The JS file is viewable at

2. The operational aspect of the script has changed, so that Dynamic Live Chat can be dynamically included within any standard HTML page using JavaScript, and no longer requires a PHP insertion within the desired page.

A live demo is also available at
Which can be dynamically invoked by clicking the "Open Dynamic Live Chat" button.

The backend of the script is a simple PHP script, which has been condensed. Since the front-end of the script which controls all dynamic behaviors is not actually integrated with the server side scripting, the PHP script can easily be replaced with a more robust database query script while maintaining the same level of dynamic functionality using the front-end AccDC Enterprise API controlled UI.
Similarly, the visual appearance can easily be modified as desired by editing the file "chat.css".

The package can be downloaded directly at

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