Released AccDC Enterprise API V1.1 for automatically accessible RIA development

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Released AccDC Enterprise API V1.1 for automatically accessible RIA development

Bryan Garaventa-2
Hello, in case it's of interest, V1.1 of the AccDC Enterprise API has been released at .


Change Log

1. Added internal processes to make drag and drop functionality accessible to screen reader and keyboard only users without ARIA dependencies.

2. Added the "accDD" object to allow for screen reader and keyboard accessible drag and drop to be configured at runtime.

3. Added the "accDD.dropAnchor" property to specify custom locations for screen reader and keyboard only user targeted drop links within the DOM.

4. Added the internal drag and drop handlers "init", "dropInit", and "override" to allow for custom processing.

5. Added the "drop" object to support drop zones when dragging.

6. Added the "confineTo" and "minDistance" properties to restrict dragging to a specific container or range.

7. Added the "morph" method so that standard DOM elements can be converted into AccDC Dynamic Content Objects at runtime.

8. Added the "destroy" method so that AccDC Dynamic Content Objects can be converted into standard DOM elements at runtime.

9. Added the "setFocus" method so that keyboard focus can be set to any DOM element at runtime.

10. Converted the AccDC Slider Control into a downloadable plugin to reduce API overhead.

11. Added server side version tracking to prevent conflicts.


I've added a working sample of the keyboard accessible drag and drop functionality to the Live Demo tab page at


For those who may be unfamiliar with the project, I've pasted the executive summary below.


In a nutshell, the AccDC Enterprise API automates dynamic behaviors to create powerful Rich Internet Applications.


Since I still need to add a bug tracking system to the site, please address any bugs to me directly, and I'll add them to the queue.



Bryan Garaventa


Executive Summary


The AccDC Enterprise API is a scalable dynamic content management system that powers complex behaviors in Rich Internet Applications while ensuring automatic accessibility for Assistive Technology users to maximize consumer marketability.


The AccDC Enterprise API saves time, costs, and resources by

1)     Streamlining dynamic behavior related processes for development teams,

2)     Providing flow-controlled processes for simple debugging,

3)     Utilizing interchangeable component objects for easy code manageability,

4)     Exposing property-controlled behavior switches for programmatic configuration,

5)     Supporting cross-browser compatibility for PC and mobile device browsers, and

6)     Automatically including accessibility features for screen reader and keyboard only users.


Nestable AccDC Dynamic Content Objects (automatically generated by the AccDC Enterprise API) are used to render any type of UI component, including form components, dialogs, toolbars, menus, prompts, tooltips, tab pages, navigation panels, draggable windows, or any other visually displayed UI component; all of which are configurable by changing or invoking properties and methods within each object during setup or at runtime.


To ensure accessibility, the Automatic Accessibility Framework provides automated accessibility features for every AccDC Dynamic Content Object.



Ø      Differing programming tasks can now be delegated to multiple development teams to assemble component objects with reliable results.

Ø      Progress flags can now be set within component objects to indicate processing milestones for error handling and bug reporting during quality analysis.

Ø      Flexible interfaces can now be created by cloning the behaviors and functionalities of other component objects.

Ø      Behaviors and functionalities of component objects can now be invoked by external scripting processes.

Ø      Component objects can now be passed to other pages as JSON strings, and then converted back to component objects to share data and resources.

Ø      The behaviors, functionalities, appearances, and content of component objects can now be modified or enhanced at runtime.

Ø      Dynamic component objects can now be used in all major browsers or within the web browser components of software applications.

Ø      Screen reader and keyboard only users can now access the functionality of component objects automatically.


Rich Internet Applications are the way of the future for providing feature rich, interactive user experiences for consumers in all markets and industries, and the AccDC Enterprise API is designed to be a platform where the future of automatically accessible Rich Internet Applications will grow and evolve into reality.


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