Release Time! 2.20rc1 and 2.18.2! :-)

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Release Time! 2.20rc1 and 2.18.2! :-)

Max Kanat-Alexander
        Hey there, Bugzilla developers! :-D It's time to do some pushing toward
a Bugzilla release, once again!

        This time, we'll be releasing 2.20rc1 and 2.18.2.

        2.20 Blockers:
        2.18.2 Blockers:

        You can watch the release-tracking bug at:

        And also, I really need people to help out with all the blockers of
that bug; they're the details of a release--things like Release Notes
and so forth:

        If it takes really long to release 2.18.2, but we have a totally ready
2.20rc1, I might try to split the releases, just because it's so
important that we get 2.20rc1 out the door. (That means that there would
be a 2.20rc2 released along with 2.18.2, something I'd rather avoid if
at all possible.)

        Also, here's a list of all the bugs that are targeted at 2.20, 2.18, or
2.16 (basically a list of all the bugs that anybody might want to work
on for 2.20):

        Overall, I'd really like to release 2.20rc1 on June 27th. That's 12
days from now. So as many of those blockers as we can possibly fix,
let's work together to get fixed!

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