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Jet Villegas-2
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On Wed, Jun 21, 2017 at 3:24 PM, Gregory Szorc <[hidden email]> wrote:

> We're starting to enable the *building* (not enabling) of Stylo in various
> platforms in automation. This means that Nightly will start shipping Stylo
> bits soon - possibly the next Nightly if things stick.
> The roll-out is being done as platforms are ready. Linux 64-bit and Windows
> 64-bit are the primary targets, with other platforms to follow.
> tracks.
> There are still some toolchain ergonomics issues that we want to address
> before building Stylo is enabled by default in local builds. These are
> actively being worked on and local builds should re-converge with automation
> soon.
> If you want to tweak your local build, here are the relevant mozconfig
> snippets:
>   # build Stylo but don't enable it (what automation is now doing)
>   ac_add_options --enable-stylo=build
>   # build and enable Stylo
>   ac_add_options --enable-stylo
> But unless you interact with Stylo, my guess is you'll want to stick with
> the defaults because enabling the building of a feature that isn't enabled
> by default may only increase your build times while providing little to no
> benefits.
> As part of this, building Stylo in Firefox is now being promoted from Tier 2
> to 1. This involves some wonky version control machinery that knows how to
> "synchronize" backouts on autoland to the canonical Stylo repo on GitHub,
> all while ensuring file content and diffs line up between the 2 repos. This
> machinery may be a bit fragile initially. So there's a chance we'll have to
> back out building Stylo if there are problems. Hopefully we'll fall forward
> and fix bugs as they arise without too much disruption though.
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