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Re: plan to make Node.js mandatory might be problematic for sparc/Solaris

Gregory Szorc-3
(moving to dev-builds)

Background on our desire to use Node as part of the build can be found at and The tl;dr is that not having access to the rich JavaScript tooling built on top of Node] burdens Firefox developers and hinders our ability to produce a high quality product efficiently.

Doing a little research, it appears that Node.js isn't supported on SPARC because V8 doesn't have a SPARC backend. That does seem like it will make it impossible to build Firefox on SPARC once the Node.js requirement is established :/

We knew some lesser-used platforms might run into problems like this. For Solaris, it should still be possible to cross-compile Firefox to SPARC from x86. So I don't believe the Node requirement will mean the end of Firefox on Solaris SPARC.

On Mon, Aug 20, 2018 at 5:32 AM, <[hidden email]> wrote:

I see now during configure following:

 0:27.19 checking for nodejs... not found
 0:27.20 WARNING: could not find Node.js executable; ensure `node` or `nodejs` is in PATH or set NODEJS in environment to point to an executable
 0:27.20 WARNING: (This will become a fatal error in the near future.)

Is it necessary to make it hard requirement for Firefox build? It might be quite problem to get Node.js for Solaris and mainly for sparc.


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