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Re: p2p email: Virtual Email Institutions for Thunderbird

Hi Blake,
this messenger has already added the latest version of the spot-on
kernel from BitMail and I would appreciate or like to request, if
Thunderbird could think as well about it:

It might be interesting for Thunderbird, because of the Feature "Email
Institutions", which are a kind of virtual imap servers based on
encryption tokens. Please evaluate with reading the manual of the
wikiepdia references or just testing it

Kind Regards Randolph

>>> --------- Forwarded message ----------
>>> From: Blake Winton <[hidden email]>
>>>   Hi
>>>>  is a p2p email Client.
>>> Interesting…
>>>>  Would you be interested to integrate the p2p echo protocol for email
>>>>  to Thunderbird?  It has encryption out of the box
>>>> Thunderbird just needs the spoton kernel and some gui api elements
>>>> added.
>>>> SVN of the kernel:
>>> I certainly would encourage everyone to work on this...
>>> Blake.
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