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Re: onkeypress event handler X accents keys

Paul Gorodyansky
Carlos Barros wrote:
> I noticed that the event handlers onkeypress, onkeydown and onkeyup do
> not handle keys like ',",~.^,ç,á,é, and all other accents characters.
> Anyone knows something about this issue?
> Carlos Barros

They do handle such letters - at least onkeypress() -
you can see that on my page where I offer say a person with French
keyboard mode in use to type such letters but I place on screen
a Russian letter, instead:

Choose there "French" in the menu (one with a comment
"If your keyboard is not in the 'US English' mode")
and then change your system keyboard to "FR" and type such letter(s).

To see where the letters are in French layout "FR" please go here:

Paul Gorodyansky
"Cyrillic (Russian): instructions for Windows and Internet":
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