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Re: installation returns status of -210 to install callback

Koutsokeras Miltiadis
I have exactly the same problem in Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7. I'm trying to
install Cortona VRML Client with the scripts provided by parallelgraphics
and the callback alerts that the user cancels the installation. The
installation window triggered by InstallTrigger.install is never shown!!!
Does anyone have the slightest clue of what's wrong?

"Larry" <[hidden email]> wrote in message
news:dh1osm$[hidden email]...

> I'm trying to get XPInstall to work (on Firefox 1.0.6/Windows) but am
> blocked at
> the moment. InstallTrigger.install is getting called via a function
> invoked
> "onLoad" of an html page. In my InstallTrigger callback, I can see that
> the
> return code from the installation is -210, which seems to be
> although there's no dialog asking me to cancel installation.
> In my install.js inside the .xpi, I've got at least one alert that should
> pop unconditionally but it never does so I figure install.js is never even
> getting loaded.
> I've tried this in Firefox 1.0.6 and Netscape 8 and get the same result.
> Netscape 8 at least has an install.log file (why doesn't Firefox?) but I
> don't see anything in there related to my install.
> Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong or have any suggestions?
> Thanks very much,
> Larry

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