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Mumia W..-3
On 10/19/2006 04:50 PM, [hidden email] wrote:

> Moz Champion (Dan) ha scritto:
>> frank wrote:
>>> Stupid noob question: I want to add an action to associate a mime type with
>>> running a program in firefox.  Clicking the 'view and edit actions' button
>>> on the downloads preferences tab opens a 'download actions' dialog, but
>>> there is no way to add a new action, just buttons to remove or change
>>> existing items (and the list is empty).
>>> How do I add a new action?  I want to create a mime type for
>>> application/x-vmware-server-console.  Can't find it in help or mozilla's
>>> support website (maybe I just missed it?).
>>> -Frank
>> Find a file of that type. Download it.
>> Firefox will ask you what it should do with the file, tell it and check
>> the remember box. <Poof> you now have an action
> Hi, I have the same pb, so I followed your suggestion. Isimulated a
> download from my own hard disk but firefox did not let me choose any
> application: only the download option was available. Any other
> suggestion?
> Thank you

You would probably have to let a webserver send the file with the
correct mime type. FX badly needs an interface to configure support for
different mime types.

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